Tinca Information Solutions Inc.

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What is offered

  • High level data models (e.g. Enterprise data modelling) and cross system data maps.
  • Documentation of existing data and technology architectures
  • Migration architectures - how to to develop and enhance your databases over time
  • Establishing data and technology standards.
  • Data methodologies: research and implementation.
  • Business and technology meeting facilitation.
  • Presentations to executives and senior managers.

Relevant experience

  • Lead FATCA Data Architect on bank-wide compliance project
  • Defined and negotiated interface standards covering over 30 cross-enterprise systems: covering business content, code values, canonical-based xml for Securities, Wealth Management and Retail.
  • "Exceeded expectations" with the delivery of Basel II High Level Data Model for Bank in under two months.
  • Managed 12 cross-functional workshops leading to joint business - technology report "A Proposal to Support the Effective Integration of CRM Business and Technology Architecture".
  • Authored major Architecture Study for Retail Bank Credit data warehouse.
  • Developed Data Warehousing strategy for life insurance company.
  • Documented Basel II architecture using Enterprise Architect UML tool.
  • Responsible for information architecture for major CRM Data Warehouse (recognized by TDWI in 2002 for Best Practices in Data Warehousing).
  • Facilitated joint Retail - Commercial Banking sessions to generate an integrated Bank data model to promote data sharing. Presented to Marketing Management Committee.
  • Produced Business Case for Campaign Management interface to Bank channels (Branch, Call Centre, Direct Mail).
  • Enterprise Data Architect, included chairing the committee for the development and maintenance of the Royal Bank Enterprise Information Model.
  • Developed Corporate Treasury High Level Data Model (Credit Risk, Market Risk & Liquidity Risk) and presented to Executive.
  • Authored major strategy & planning papers on Development Methodology, the Enterprise Information Model, Data Policy & Standards.
  • Researched data-driven methodology; obtained agreement; and produced the internal marketing materials to establish Information Resource Management group.
  • Completion of a Requirements study for equity brokers and market makers - involving detailed interviews with traders and management.
  • Managed customisation of IBM's Financial Services Data Model for a major financial institution.
  • Principal contributor to study of dealing systems for City of London trading room.
  • Managing of architecture compliance process.
  • Architectural consultant to a variety of projects including Corporate Treasury, Commercial Credit Risk, Visa (Client and Merchant), Product Rates, Internal audit.

Sample Presentation & Publications

  • A Manifesto for Data Modelling.
  • Heavy Meta: The First Wilshire Meta Data Symposium, IRMAC.
  • Mapping Your Data to the FSDM, IBM Financial Services Data Model User Conference.