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Enhanced Metadata Utility (EMU)

  • EMU is an Excel-based utility for the exchange of information with popular modelling tools and formats: CA ERwin, Sybase PowerDesigner and xml Schema
  • Metadata can be extracted into Excel from data models, manipulated in user-friendly spreadsheets and exported back to the data modelling tool.
  • Artefacts supported from ERwin included Entities, Tables, Views, Relationships, Domains, Definitions, Datatypes, User Defined Properties and more.
  • Supported from PowerDesigner include items such as Tables, Views, Mappings, Comments, Datatypes, MappedTo transformation rules.
  • xml Schema capabilities include abilities to extract elements, attributes complex types, xpath information, data constraints etc.
  • Metadata interchange is all governed by Excel based 'templates'. These are customised to adapt to clients' requirements.
  • Simple definition template available for management of business definitions outside of ERwin and PowerDesigner. This is the most common usage since business analysts find it much more convenient to maintain lists of definitions in Excel rather than a data tool.
  • Other templates are available for managed more advanced features of data models, such as Domains or Valid Values.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Excel 2000 or later.
  • CA ERwin 7.3.7 or later for export and import.
  • Sybase PowerDesigner 15.0 or later for export and import. The free PowerDesigner Viewer is sufficient for import to Excel.
  • MSXML 6.0 or later for xml schema. MSXML 6.0 is shipped with Windows 7, Vista and XP Service pack 3.


  • The Enhanced Metadata Utility (EMU) is currently available as Beta software with no implied warranty. It should not be modified in any way without the consent of the owner, Tinca Information Solutions.
  • The software may be used as freeware. All we ask is that you provide us feedback as to how it worked in your environment.
  • If you would like to try EMU then just request a copy from Tinca Information Solutions.